This day is organised in the context of :

The establishment of the scientific counsel of the INPES Chair on Health Promotion at the School of Higher Education in Public Health (EHESP), The holding of the annual meeting of the Executive Committee of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) comprising international researchers, and The presentation of the Health Promotion research line of work of the Societies and Health Centre of the Human Sciences Institute of Brittany.


1. Identify current stakes and issues for health promotion research
2. Facilitate networking for the establishment of multi-disciplinary health promotion research projects
3. Communicate around funding opportunities for health promotion research projects
4. Raise awareness of funders / donors on the importance of increased engagement in health promotion research
5. Exchange international experiences in health promotion research


The maximum number of people that can register for the event is 100. Registration is free and online on the website of the MSHB.
All members of the scientific counsel of the INPES Chair in Health Promotion and all members of the IUHPE Executive Committee have been invited to attend.
The INPES Chair in Health Promotion is providing a lunch buffet for the participants.
Simultaneous translation (English – French / French – English) will be provided throughout the day.
The event will take place in the small lecture theatre (petit-amphi) of the EHESP, Av. du Prof Léon Bernard in Rennes.

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