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Le réseau EuroNet MRPH a reçu une offre de terrain de stage, non remunéré, dans la structure de représentation de l’OMS à l’Union Européenne, située à Bruxelles.


The main objective of the internship is to provide a framework where the educational experience of the intern can be enhanced through practical work assignments. Consequently, the intern is expected to support the professional office team in systematically gathering information regarding the EU activities related to health. This will involve working on existing information tools, as well as developing new ones that would put in place a scheme of standardized information monitoring and updating. This implies identifying key actors at the EU institutions, key information sources, analyses of the information available and ability to summarize it in accordance to concrete needs of different target audiences. This will help stabilize and expand the information brokering and exchange function of the whole office.


The intern will help the Brussels office of WHO as follows

  • Develop briefings on topics chosen together with the team, i.e. relevant EU health theme that should be followed by WHO (including briefing notes, information summaries, minutes, reports, contacts of actors et al.)
  • Prepare presentations and files on key EU-related issues (including, for instance, overviews of EU instruments, policies and programmes)
  • Draft information products for the variety of information clients of the WHO office in Brussels – internal WHO stakeholders as well as the external EU target groups (on topics to be chosen together with the team; the topics can be such in which the intern has a special interest linked to previous experience, career or further academic development plans)
  • Monitor the upcoming health and health-related agendas of the EU institutions; work in the team for following and taking part in the activities of the main EU-related, Brussels-based stakeholders in health – think tanks, NGOs, professionals associations, interest groups, news and media actors
  • Start, build and maintain a small database, according to the intern’s special interests: could be mainly for methodical search of the relevant topics of the moment through the most important opinion-making journals or a full database/inventory of the available (physically or electronically) publications and reference documents in the office.
  • Follow up on actions and/or events of relevance (e.g. after certain policy dialogues or peak of action in a specific area, follow the development – who in the EU is doing what, how the topic evolves, also among the other civil society actors).
  • Support the monitoring, analysis, and reporting to WHO colleagues of the EU-related policies, strategies, initiatives, programs and interventions in the field of health systems at global level and in Europe, development aid for health within the framework of aid effectiveness (in particular IHP+ and post Busan developments), as well on research and development in those areas.

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