2016 08 31 workshopDNAAlzheimerOverview of the workshop

On behalf of the Distalz management board, we would like to welcome you to the 3rd Distalz International Workshop on “high-throughput DNA sequencing in Alzheimer’s disease research” that will take place on October 11 and 12, 2016 at the Lille University School of Medicine in Lille, France.

The workshop will be divided in three half-day sessions :

  • The first session will provide an overview of highthroughput DNA sequencing technologies and how to process, analyze and interpret the generated data in genetic epidemiology studies of human diseases.
  • The second session will start with an overview of Alzheimer’s disease and a brief history of the genetic epidemiology of Alzheimer’s disease until genome-wide association studies and the advent of next generation sequencing. Two international projects using whole exome and whole genome sequencing to identify new genetic risk factors for AD will then be presented. Finally, examples of follow-up studies will be provided.
  • The third and last session will focus on translational approaches and ethical considerations.

This year, international and national outstanding speakers will be with us in addition to members of the Distalz laboratory of excellence :

  • TBA, McGill Genome Center for Innovation
  • Josée Dupuis, Boston University
  • Eric Boerwinkle, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Christine Van Broeckhoven, Antwerp University
  • Florence Demenais, Paris University

Whether you are a biologist willing to update your knowledge about the genetics of Alzheimer’s disease, a bioinformatician or biostatistician seeking new ways to analyze data or a medical doctor looking how to integrate next generation sequencing to your daily practice, we got you covered!


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