2018 05 euroepiDuring the last two decades, health crises have often been related to epidemics of infectious diseases. However, a crisis can be economical, political, humanitarian, ecological, or associated with a major acute or chronic health event. Whatever the circumstances of crises and their consequences in the short, medium and long term, health is rarely spared, especially in the most vulnerable populations.

Crises invariably result from multiple factors, the respective contributions of which are challenging to identify and quantify. Health-related outcomes therefore need to be studied using appropriate methods, and epidemiologists play a key role in providing valid information to public authorities. Providing a relevant epidemiological analysis of crises is indeed essential for establishing appropriate and proportionate control measures, but also for anticipating the future, in terms of both the direct consequences of the crisis and our ability to use the experience acquired to improve public health policies.

Crises can have a major impact on populations, and be incompletely resolved before a secondary related crisis occurs in the same population. Health matters, including control measures and access to care, can then be key issues.

We hope that this congress will provide opportunities to explore these issues in depth. Other topics will be also presented, including the epidemiology of chronic diseases, infectious diseases, methodological issues, quantitative and qualitative analysis, vaccine impact, access to care, etc. Efforts will be made to share expertise and education with junior epidemiologists.

Ultimately, these results need to be beneficial for populations, whatever their daily life situation.

We hope you find the congress interesting, and that you can find some time to visit the lovely Lyon area.

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