Villes : Nantes
Université : Polythech Nantes
Responsable : Hoel LE CAPITAINE
Mode d’enseignement : présentiel
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Description :

Through this program, students will acquire the scientific and technological skills towards a data scientist profile within a computer science degree. With case studies and an internship, they will also gain methodological and practical experience in conducting a high-level innovative process in the field of data science.

Les objectifs de la spécialité sont :

Data science is a major scientific and technological area of computer sciences, founded on the fields of data analysis, machine learning and databases. It leads to produce methods and technologies to enable data-driven progress in these social, scientific and economic activities. 

Les pré-requis : Prerequisites training

The Master’s Degree is a two-year degree. At Polytech Nantes, only the second year is accessible. However, for international students, the current program is a one-year program, where successful applicants enter directly the second year. Applicants should hold a degree which validates at least 4-years in higher education, in the field of computer science.

They are expected to have solid foundations in the following fields:

  • mathematics (statistics, probability and optimization)
  • relational databases (theory and practice)
  • software development (e.g Python, R, C++, software engineering)
  • report writing

Les compétences attendues à l’issue de la formation :

  • develop core scientific competencies, practical and methodological skills on data usage
  • understand how data science applies to industry and be aware of its social, economic and scientific impact
  • conduct a research or development project in the data analysis domain