Ville: Paris
Université: Université de Paris (used to be Descartes and Diderot)
Responsables: Prs. Isabelle Boutron and Philippe Ravaud
Mode d’enseignement: Face-to-face, about 82h
Site internet:
Contact:  (include reference DUB941)

Renseignements pédagogiques:
In French, this degree is called « Méthodes avancées en revues systématiques et méta-analyses ».
This degree is three week long, back-to-back in November. Each week dedicated to one module (UE). Lessons take place Monday to Friday, all day.
All lessons are taught in English.
Written examinations early January. (If needed, second session in July.)
Training fees: for 2021/2022, admission fees (300€) and tuition fees depending on your profile (1000€ or 1200€ or 1500€).
You can usually apply from June to end of October preceeding the start of the degree. For more information, visit the webpage.

This new degree is an exciting opportunity to gain in depth knowledge about systematic reviews and meta-analyses in three courses. Those courses are part of our Master’s in Comparative Effectiveness Research and are taught by renowned professors from Europe. Learners will be able to read and critically evaluate systematic reviews and complex meta-analyses; and to design their own complex systematic review.

Les objectifs :

  • Define what the meta-analyses of diagnostic and prognostic tests are, and what the meta-analyses on individual data are;
  • Understand their specificities compared to traditional systematic reviews;
  • Critically assess these types of complex reviews;
  • Define what a network meta-analysis is;
  • Understand the specificities of network meta-analyses compared to traditional systematic reviews;
  • Critically evaluate this type of complex review.

Les pré-requis : Target audience: Health researchers, health professionals, and candidates deemed able by the director of teaching and authorised by the educational council to follow the degree.