During the next Eurotuesday, French-Ukrainian Public Health resident Dimitri Thellier will talk about: « Ukrainian crisis support, how a French & and Ukrainian speaking Public Health resident works with the authorities to help welcoming the refugees ».

« Following the war declared between Ukraine and Russia on February 24, 2022, the countries of the European Union had to face an important influx of Ukrainian refugees. In this presentation, I will first introduce the socio-demographic and epidemiological characteristics of Ukraine and its inhabitants. Secondly, I will present the data we have on the flow of refugees and the measures we have set up in France to welcome them in the best possible conditions.  Finally, I will present different communication tools that you could adapt in your respective countries, if these devices do not already exist, to help Ukrainian refugees and the people who are helping/hosting them« 

Dimitri Thellieris a French Public Health resident, actually working with the french authorities at the Regional Health administration (ARS : Agence régionale de santé).

Do not miss the opportunity to meet Dr. Thellier and have your questions answered!