Data is growing at an exponential rate within life science companies where professionals are facing tremendous challenges to transform data into value and drive their businesses forward.

This free webinar aims at discovering the odyssey of data science with its wide range of analytics tools and its power in addressing many medical, biotech and pharma related challenges, including clinical trials, drug design and development, and personalized medicine.
No special pre-requisites or technical knowledge required. This is a beginner/introduction level session.

Introduction of basic terminologies and concepts of Data Science, Machine learning and Artificial intelligence, as well as their business applications especially in health and pharma related fields;
Understanding key principles, benefits and limitations behind Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning;
Discovering methods and tools to extract meaningful insights from raw data in life science to solve complex, data-rich business and research problems;
Highlighting specific health and pharma use cases where Machine Learning can be used to drive performance and provide solutions to complex issues

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NOTE: 4:00PM CEST correspond à 15h en France (GMT +1)